Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Activation have become indispensable in today’s online marketing and thus in our service portfolio for our customers. Because when we search for products, services and much more, search engines are a constant companion in the digital age. In order to be or remain visible and present as a company in the vastness of the web, our SEO and SEA measures aim at the best possible placement of your products and offers.

Google in particular, with its network of over two million websites, videos and apps, has long been one of the most important channels for addressing target groups and acquiring customers. And Google offers other ad formats besides search engine marketing, such as Google Shopping, YouTube Ads and Google Display. No matter what you want to achieve, increasing sales in your online store, offline store visits, awareness for your brand or product, registrations, downloads for your app – As a certified Google Ads Partner Agency, we will find the right ad format for your goals.

Our portfolio at a glance:

  • SEO: Search engine optimization improves the ranking of your website in the organic search results of search engines and thus increases the number of visitors in the long term. We support our clients here primarily in the area of onpage optimization. Together we design, create and optimize relevant content, ensure the use of appropriate keywords, title tags or meta descriptions as well as internal linking on the website.
  • SEA: We see SEA as part of the customer journey and pick up the target group with the appropriate measures where their search begins. We not only set up the search ad campaigns, but also optimize and improve them continuously and efficiently in order to achieve the defined goal – be it brand awareness or sales.
  • Shopping Ads: The perfect complement to SEA. While search ads contain only text, shopping ads display product photos, titles, and price information at a glance. This gives users a more comprehensive impression of the products directly in the search ads. This makes it much more likely that a purchase will be made after a visit to the website.
  • Display Ads: Websites in the Google Display Network reach over 90% of Internet users around the world. Display ads work with visual content, i.e. images and banners that attract attention and promote your company and products. For the start and especially in combination with SEA, display ads are promising on a retargeting basis.
  • YouTube Ads: On the world’s largest video platform, you can reach exactly the right target group for your products or messages. Depending on the target, YouTube supports different ad formats and placements.

How we work:

So many formats and platforms, at the beginning there is therefore the joint conception with our customers. Depending on the objective and target group as well as the budget, we develop the appropriate strategy and, if desired, take care of the set-up. After the ads have been placed, we monitor and optimize them on an ongoing basis to ensure efficient use of the budget and increase the relevant KPIs. Regular reporting ensures that you always have an eye on the return on ad spend, and we work together to develop further measures to achieve your goals.


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