The most important asset that influencers bring to the table is their authenticity. With their very own style and tonality they are able to tell stories, share their knowledge and recommend products. Furthermore and above all they do one thing: They reach people and gain their trust via the social web.

The work with influencers is extremely valuable to companies. Even though the variety of influencers seems to be almost unlimited, not every account proves to be the right choice in order to represent a brand in its most authentic ways. That is why we want you to trust us as experts to find your perfect match. Amongst all macro- and micro influencers we will find exactly those multipliers that speak to your desired target group and thus strenghten your brand image.

Every customer is different, which is why we don’t offer campaigns “off-the-shelf“. Based on your goals, we develop individual concepts and thus create unique and authentic influencer campaigns. That is why for the last 15 years we have been trustfully working with influencers from various areas while our special interest and expertise lies within the baby & family sector. In today’s changing family structures, influencer represent the No. 1 advisor for moms & dads, because “being a parent” connects influencers and their followers in a very unique way.

We have established real relationships with the people behind the accounts and prefer to maintain regular personal contacts rather than anonymous databases. This way we know exactly which influencer fits which product and are able find your “perfect match”.

This is the secret behind our successful campaigns:

  • Needs & Goals: We create individual influencer campaigns and always put the goals of our customers first. In addition, specific needs must be taken into account. We have made it our goal to bring our customers on board and work together to create a successful campaign. Because one thing is clear – successful influencer marketing works according to different mechanisms than classic online advertising.
  • Creative concept: Our task is to develop creative concepts for authentic and successful influencer campaigns that meet our clients expectations. We take into account the wishes and specifications of our customers as well as the channel-specific characteristics and the influencers‘ own creative ideas.
  • Network & Research: We are in close personal contact with all influencers that are assembled in our large network. This enables us to ideally staff even short-term enquiries and implement them quickly and creatively.
  • Influencer selection: The perfect matching of influencers and companies is always a challenge. Through our large personal influencer network, market know-how and many years of experience, we are able to find the right influencer for every campaign. During the selection process, it is necessary to not only take the number of followers and the appealing pictures into account, moreover there should be a “perfect fit” between brand and influencer.
  • Create trust with experts: Niche influencer are particularly suitable for placing special topics and products within a target group. This is why we also work with midwife influencers. They enjoy a particularly high level of trust and credibility in all matters concerning the smallest and future family members. But also socially active educators* and teachers* are to be found in our portfolio.
  • The right channel: An Instagram post, an Instagram story, a video on YouTube or a blog post? The appropriate channel and format is always dependent on the concept and objectives of the campaign. Sometimes a mix of different channels helps a campaign to be successful and to transport the message authentically. We are happy to advise our clients on their ideal mix.
  • Successful implementation: As the interface between our clients and influencer, we not only mediate the fitting influencer for a campaign, we are also ensuring a successful implementation. To this end, we develop meaningful briefings and are always available for any further questions. In addition to drafting contracts, we also take care of quality assurance as well as content release and assure that the agreed deadlines are met.
  • One step further: Our cooperation with influencers does not stop with the implementation of social media contributions. For our customers we also organize shootings for catalogues or video shoots with influencers or have them create specific image material for our customers. There are (almost) no limits to creativity and requirements.
  • Reporting & Learning: For each campaign, whether with one or more influencers, we create a report for our clients with all relevant KPIs. This is also very important to us, since we as well take those learnings into account for the strategic planning of future campaigns. For us, transparency and continuous development constitute the highest priority and form the foundation for a successful and long-term cooperation.

As a result, you will find high-quality influencer content that arouses interest, creates emotions and reaches the right people.


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