Milupa 1,000 days

Since 2014, the focus of our communication campaigns for Milupa has been on the so-called “First 1,000 Days”. The initiative to raise the nutritional awareness of parents is designed to create a long-term positive influence on their children’s development – within the first 1,000 days. Backed by numerous studies, more than 30 years of breast milk research and renowned experts, Milupa has invested its efforts in addressing this theme, which we profile in the media through targeted campaigns.

Along with traditional PR in the form of media relations, press releases and media cooperation, we also offer blogging mothers not only the opportunity to gain insight into this complex theme but also to report on their observations and experiences. We actively facilitate information exchange and interactions between and among mothers and to ensure transparency. At the same time, we also leverage the social media buzz of our campaigns. The crowning highlight of our blogger work is our cooperation with moderator Miriam Lange, who has also joined the ranks of blogging moms.